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Fourth of July Decor

Last week, Debbie and I made a trip to The Wood Connection and I picked up this star (unfinished). (Thank you Sam for introducing me to this store!) It is such a fun store! If you live in Utah and like to finish wood items, you have to go! Anyway, I got it finished and thought I would share.

This wood design is copyright of The Wood Connection. I purchased this item unfinished. If you would like to purchase your own, head to The Wood Connection! They have very reasonable prices.


  1. ooohhh this makes me want to get mine done even more. That turns out soooo cute!!! Wish we would have had time to do them together. I LOVE that store, so glad i got to go.

  2. I love your star. Can I copy? I picked up a star yesterday at a garage sale with the intent of repainting for the 4th. It is a Christmas star now. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Turned out super cute! HOpe you loved the store, I'll have to go with you next time, hope you signed up to get their monthly coupons!


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