{Spring} Banner & Reader Input Wanted

Back when I bought this line of paper, (this was months ago, like February or March! :)) I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I wanted to make a Spring Banner. (It’s amazing how many things I actually made with this line, before getting to the banner, and I still had paper to finish this!)
About a month ago, I got started on it. I cut and punched my flags, cut the rectangles and put the buttons on, and then it sat…until I started working on it again this week. I knew if I didn’t finish it this week, that I wouldn’t until next year, and then I didn’t know if I even would! I didn’t want all the work already done, to go to waste.
It seems to me that Spring has only just arrived here in Utah, but I think Summer is right behind it. I feel like I’m ready to start making summer decorations for my house, already. Does anyone else feel that way?
Anyway, here is the S. I got me some baker’s twine, and this is the first project that I’ve used it on. I LOVE the simplicity of baker’s twine, it’s something little, but it adds so much! On this project it didn’t add a ton, but I do like what it added. :)
Here is the P. I recently went to the Scrapbook USA Expo, and I picked up some Basic Grey button packs. Several of the colors matched this line perfectly, and I was so excited to use them. Sometimes I have a hard time using so many buttons for one project, but I always think I’ll save this or that for just the right project, and then it gets left sitting never used. So I glad I did use so many buttons!
Here’s the R.
And I. The background paper is actually a light blue, but it looks really light in this picture.
The N.
And G. This g makes me happy. It’s a fun font. I used my Alphalicious cartridge for my Cricut to cut the letters.
The button detail.
I am happy to have this hanging up, even if it only ends up being for a few weeks!
Now, on to my next project. I’m making some mother’s day cards. I hope I can get them done in time to get them mailed. Wish me luck! (And yes, I still have some of this cute paper. I put it all away when I finished the banner, but when I started looking for paper for mothers day cards, it came back out!)

Now, on to the reader input part….
I’ve been thinking about adding a text link party (they are free, and lets be honest here, I don’t make anything off this blog, so free is good). Would you participate if there was a text link party?
I’ve also been thinking about doing a post once a week or every couple of weeks and spotlight tools that I like to use. Would this be of interest to anyone?
How about spotlighting other cool finds (crafts, scrapbook pages, cards, etc.) out there in blogland?
What about blog swaps, or spotlighting other cool blogs. There are so many smaller blogs that I LOVE and would love to share with others.

I’ve been thinking about all of these for a couple of different reasons, but mostly because it takes a lot of time to make all sorts of things to share (which I love) but my house soon won’t have anywhere else to put decor, but I know I can also always share scrapbook pages and cards, and I feel like I’ve been spending way too much time creating and posting, etc. on the blog. I need to spend more time away from the computer. :)

PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think! I would love some input!

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  1. I love that banner its so bright and happy. I have got to find me some of that bakers twine, It is adorable and adds so much.
    What is text linking? Is that where peole link up there own projects? Or is something to do with phone texting? I am so clueless. haha
    I have to appologize for not contributing to the blog at all for so long but as you know I have not got to create anything blog worthy for a very long time. I hope that changes very very soon.
    I love all of your projects and love that I can some what be apart of what you create despite the miles.
    I can’t wait to see the Mothers Day cards. Your Mom’s are lucky indeed!

  2. your banner is beautiful Amy!

  3. This came out so cute. I love the buttons.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M’s Blog
    A Teacher’s Plan

  4. Sure, any of those options would be great. I like variety. Plus, it takes a little creative pressure off you.

  5. Cute! Love it. :)

    Just dropping by from the Creative Crate link up party. Following you now. :)

    Just started my own blog and YES it is very time consuming! I’m having hard time finding a balance, too. I think blog swaps or featuring others is a great way to go, and takes a little pressure off of having to come up with a new craft all the time. :)

    I’d love to do a blog swap sometime! Just leave me a comment over on my blog. :)


  6. Your banner is so bright and cheerful, I absolutely love it!

  7. I’m with Debbie, I have no idea what text linking is, but I’m guessing it’s linking up other creative blogs. I’m not super creative and I don’t have a blog specifically focused on the things I do around the house, but I do some things and would love to link up to yours. I’m even willing to make a new blog if I need to. More details would be fabulous. Oh and I love the spring banner! Also, I would love to know what tools you use. I’m a little new/outdated when it comes to creativity so a lot times when you mention tools and such I have no idea what you’re talking about :). I hope the mother’s day cards turned out wonderful and you got them in the mail in time.


  8. Very Spring-y! Thanks for sharing!

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