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Back to School Teacher Gift

I've been thinking lately, about what I could give my kids teachers when they go back to school. They start back in only one month! I can't believe it, and I know those 31 days are going to go by! I thought this was a great idea, that could be used as a gift at the beginning of the year, or the end of the year as I did, or both!
Last spring, I went to my friends house for a class, and we made some cute things to wrap around a bottle of hand sanitizer, to give the teachers at the end of the year. I couldn't find any hand sanitizer when I was at the store the night before the last day of school, so we got lotion instead. I thought it made a really cute gift for the end of school.

Since I only made one at the class, I decided I would see what supplies I had and try to make one on my own. This is how it turned out. I don't have the cute Stampin' Up set that we used at the class, but I had some letters and apple stamp, so I made due.

Like I said before, I think this would make a great gift for the beginning of the school year, especially if you use hand sanitizer! What teacher doesn't need that! Thanks Sami for the great idea!

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  1. Sigh, your kids start in a month. Mine started on wednesday so we had a back to school dinner.
    I love this idea and I will bookmark for future use.

  2. adorable. I love the idea of giving sanitizer at the beginning of the year. I'm sure every teacher would love and appreciate that.
    Way to make do with what supplies you had!

  3. I love the way you re=created it, so cute! Great idea btw to start the year off with!

  4. They are so fun with the school themed supplies !


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