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Caught Being Good

Hello all you The Happy Scraps readers! I feel like I've been missing around here for so long that I need to introduce myself again. lol! Hi I'm Amy and I blog here on The Happy Scraps. :) I'm glad you're here. Okay, enough of that, right? :)

A couple of months ago, I saw this on Pinterest. I knew then that I wanted to make one. Well, I hadn't gotten around to it and last night, I was struggling with one of my kids behavior (back talking, arguing, being disrespectful, etc.), so I pulled out a frame, sanded it quickly and took it out for a coat of spray paint. I didn't even prime it. I was out of primer, and wanted it get this done as soon as possible. I didn't get back to it until today though, so while my boys were at school I sat down and was determined to finish it before they got home. This is what I came up with.
I ruffled and folded and sewed a couple pieces of ribbon, and then hot glued them to the frame. I didn't want to do flowers, because I have four boys. I'm still trying to decide if it all looks too girly. :/
I added some buttons to the top, and then cut the vinyl out with my Cricut using the Stamped cartridge and put it on. When I was putting the names on, I got the spacing a little off, so I was left with a weird gap in the middle. I threw the little squares in there to fill the space. I'm still trying to decide if it's just weird. lol. I put some burlap in the frame for the background. I was looking for something light colored and neutral, and burlap is what I had.
And this is how I'm going to keep track. Dry erase markers with tally marks. I hope this works to encourage some better behavior. Wish me luck.
Do any of you ever struggle with behavior of your children? Anyone have any tips for this kind of thing? I'm open for suggestions.

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  1. It turned out great! Good luck. I made one for Megan and it worked like a charm!

  2. That is really cute! We did something like that when I was little. The winner of the week got to go to McDonalds for lunch. Now that was some incentive! :)

  3. Hi Debbie! Thanks for linking this at my party last week! It is being featured on my blog tomorrow! This is a great idea, and cute execution of a good idea! Stop by and grab a featured button!

  4. So cute! thanks for linking it to my site- I just pinned it! :)


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