Handmade Card Exchange Cards

Wow!  I just got on to write up this post, and wow, my whole blogger dashboard is different!!  I hope I can get used to this!  Is anyone else wishing they would have just left it as the old version?  I am!
These are the cards from the latest card exchange!!  It was so fun to get these in the mail and see all the bright colors that were used.

These are Jessicas cards, and I thought the flowers were so fun!
 Here are Misty’s cards!  And of course her’s are always adorable!

This cute card is from Erin Y.  I love the embossed background on these.

Michelle came up with these cute Thanks a Bunch cards.

I thought these cute flower cards were fun that Tami sent.

Tiffany made these cute cards with felt.  And this picture really doesn’t do them justice!

These are the cute cards that Erin H. sent.

Breanne made these cute and colorful cards!  Love those buttons.

Have you made any cards lately?  Later this week I’ll share with you a card {similar to the card I made for the last exchange} and gift idea I worked up last week.

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  1. It was lots of fun chatting with you at the Queen bee market the other night! We so need to do a UT blogger meet up soon

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