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Fancy Camera Strap Cover

Today I'm over at Every Creative Endeavor sharing something fun to put on your front door for Fall.  Head on over and check it out.  If you are here visiting from Every Creative Endeavor, Welcome!  I'm glad you are here!
How was your weekend?  Mine was really busy, but good.  I was in charge of a couple of Super Saturday projects, and I'm so glad it is DONE!  It was a lot of work but it was fun too.  Now that that is all done, I'm starting to think about some Christmas projects!  Have you started thinking about Christmas projects yet, or do you save that for December?
There are a lot of fancy camera straps out there, but they all seem to be for the really big expensive cameras.  As much as I wish I had a really big expensive camera, I don't.  Don't get me wrong, I have a camera that I consider to be a very nice one, but it cost me less than $200.  I do love it though and maybe one day I'll have a big fancy one. :)  I wanted to have a fun camera strap for my camera so I made myself one.  I'm sure there are tutorials out there, I didn't follow one, but today I will share with you how I made mine.

I started by measuring the width of the strap.  Mine is about 1 inch.  So to figure out how much fabric I needed, I doubled it and added a half inch to each side for seam allowance, so I needed fabric that was 3 inches wide.

I had a fat quarter of this fun chevron print from Riley Blake Designs, so I cut a 3 inch wide piece off.  The length of it was already just the size I needed.
Then I hemmed the ends.  For something like this, I just roll it and sew, I don't pin.  At this point, I folded the fabric in half, right sides together, and started sewing, until I realized I needed to put the ruffle on before that step, so I unpicked it. :)
I made my ruffle out of some knit fabric that I have, and then I sewed it to the front.  I didn't center it on the width, because I wanted it centered over one of the chevron lines.
Here is the ruffle sewn on.
Here is where you really need to sew the right sides together. :)  I folded it and then...
...pinned!  I know I just said I don't pin, but in this case because of the bulk, I pinned it.  (I just don't pin things when they are really easy to do without the pins.)  Once I had it all pinned I sewed along the edge with a 1/4 seam.
Then I turned it right side out.
At this point I tried to talk myself into getting the iron out to press it, but I was so excited to put it on my camera strap, that I decided not to press it, and it's working just fine! I don't like to iron, in fact the only time that I do iron is when I am sewing. :) 
I got the strap all done just before my husband got home from work, and when he came in I asked him if he saw the camera.  I said "what do you think?"  He promptly informed me that he wouldn't be wearing it. Haha!  I don't blame him, it is pretty girly, but I'm SOO excited about it. :)
So, do you have a fun camera strap?  Did you think you couldn't because you have a smaller camera?  You can make one of these for any size camera!  

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  1. CUTE camera strap, Amy!! I keep telling myself that I'm going to make one for my camera, but haven't gotten to it yet. Love the colors you used!!

    Thanks for sharing @'Sew Cute Tuesday'. I'm featuring you tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!


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