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Birthday Present Door Hang

I'm guest posting, sharing this post over at The Wood Connection today.
I am SO excited to share this with you guys today!!  I've been wanting a Birthday Door Hang to use on my front door for birthdays, to go along with my other birthday decorations and banner.  This Birthday Present door hang is a brand new item that The Wood Connection is carrying!  Isn't it so fun!
I have a little boy that knows that the world revolves around him on his birthday, and he is happy to let anyone else know that it is his special day.  Hanging this on your door will make it so easy to let others know you have a birthday in the house.

I don't have a full tutorial for you today, but I will give you some tips for how I got the look that I did!  I started this project by putting all of my paper on first, using this technique.  Then I moved on to the glitter!  When I glitter, I paint the wood whatever color I need it and then use a coordinating glitter.  I knew I wanted different colors of paint and glitter for the top of this present, so I started by taping off what I didn't want painted, and putting tape where that color needed to end. (Just like I did in the picture below for the glitter.) Once everything was painted, I taped sections off again, so I could put the glitter on.  I painted on some Mod Podge, then dumped the color of glitter on that I wanted.  Only put one color of glitter on at a time, then shake off the excess so you can save it, then repeat with second color.  Once you have glitter on, you can remove the tape.
Then I moved on to the next color. Red. I taped this one off as well, but was careful to keep it from the other glittered areas.  I used the same technique as I did above.  For the green and blue areas, I didn't tape it off, I just was really careful and used a small paint brush to get the Mod Podge in the small areas, then I was careful when putting the glitter on next to the other colors of glitter as well.
Once you have all your glitter on, you need to be sure to spray it will a sealer, so the glitter stays put!  The result is perfect!!  It did take a little extra time, but just look how fun this is!
At the top of the present on the bead board strip, using wood glue I adhered pieces of fun paper to the flat parts of the bead board.  I love that this coordinates with my other birthday decorations.
I used the fun colored wire that The Wood Connection carries and this cute ribbon to add some dimension and pop of fun to the bow of the present.

That is how I got the fun colorful "birthday party" look for this Birthday Present Door Hanger!
Thank you to The Wood Connection for having me today!  I always love sharing the cute stuff that can be found at The Wood Connection!
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  1. Brilliant. Love the glitter and bead board. Well done.

  2. So fun! I love anything with some glitter and sparkle, but the twirly wires are probably my favorite touch! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this!! It's so bright and fun - my daughter would love the sparkles. I'd be tickled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  4. Adorable! I think I need to make this for my classroom. You have sure great ideas!


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