Pretty Darn Funny – Season 2

Today, two of my kids went back to school.  I can’t believe that my boys are this big!  When did they grow up and who gave them permission to do so?!  In some ways I was ready.  I was ready for them to stop fighting and ready for all of us to be back on a schedule, and get out of our pajamas everyday. (Okay, maybe we did get dressed most days this summer, but it didn’t happen very often before noon!)  One of my boys was so excited to get ready for school today, he woke up at 5:30am wanting to get in the shower (we sent him back to bed).  My boys don’t even do that on Christmas!!  Anyway, they got to school, now I just have to get my first grader there tomorrow (he had orientation today) and then my preschooler starts next week.  I’ll have a few hours to myself for a couple of days each week.  I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do, but I might celebrate some alone time by dancing, like this…

Have you ever heard of Pretty Darn Funny?  I’d never heard of it until I had the chance to go to a Season 2 pre-screening a month or so ago, and let me just say, I think this show was made for me!  There were so many little things that just made me laugh!  I thought this was hilarious when she headed to an empty warehouse and started dancing.  I’ve never seen the old Footloose, but I had to giggle when I saw this episode and knew exactly what it was about because I have seen the new Footloose movie. I’m sure if I ever did something like that, my kids would die of embarrassment, how about your kids?
Season 2 was just launched today, and I’m so excited about the whole season, I can’t wait to watch it all.  The Footloose parody (which you can see above) and Episode 1, Movie Cheating, are both so funny.  I seriously about died when the guy buttered the popcorn!  There are so many funny parts in episode one, I don’t think I ever stopped laughing. :)
What I love about these episodes, besides being entertaining to watch, is that they are family friendly!  My kids could watch them if they wanted and I wouldn’t have to worry about the content being bad, or inappropriate for my kids.  I love shows like that!
To keep up with this fun series, I’ll be sharing every week, but you can also follow along on the Pretty Darn Funny Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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