DIY Aloha Sign

I don’t know about you, but as I sit down to write up this post, I am watching the snow fall outside.  If it continues for very long, we are going to have ourselves quite a bit of snow.  It’s coming down pretty good.  I wish I could head off to Hawaii and warm up right about now, but that isn’t an option, so this DIY Aloha Sign will just have to do.
I made this sign for my mom as a Christmas gift.  A few years ago, after my dad had passed away, she moved to Hawaii to go to school. I know that she loved her time there, so I decided for her Christmas gift this last year, that I would make her something to remind her of Hawaii.

I love the look of cursive words like my Hello and Eat, so I decided to go with cursive. I got out my pencil and a big sheet of paper and I drew these letters.  I wrote the word, and then I took my pencil and it drew the lines around the word, where I wanted the wood to be cut. Once I had it drawn up, I took it into The Wood Connection and had them cut it out for me. I believe it was cut from 1/2″ or 3/4″ pine. Once I had it, I painted the entire piece white, and then I painted over the top with Caribbean Blue.

Once I had all the paint on, I of course took some sandpaper to it.  I distressed the edges, and also the top a little bit.  I love they way it lets the white paint show through.

My mom was pretty excited about receiving this as a gift. She called me a couple of days after the family party to let me know where she put it up in her house, and that she loved it.  I was so glad that the color I used what a good one.

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    Wow great job writing it out in pencil. Spacing and writing out words for signs is my down fall. You did a great job painting it, perfect color for Hawaii. Nice gift for your Mom too. Whomever cut it out for you did great job, nice you could get then to cut it out for you. Happy days

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