Simple Coca-Cola Sign

We have some friends that collect all things Coca-Cola. This past summer when we went on our family vacation to St. George, my husband took me for over night and we went to Las Vegas. Two of our favorite places in Las Vegas are M&M World and the Coke Factory. When we were at the Coke Factory, we couldn’t help but think of our friends that collect Coca-Cola items. We picked out a Christmas ornament for them for a Christmas gift.  While we were there, we also saw a fun vintage Coca-Cola sign.  I knew when I saw it that I could make something similar. This Simple Coca-Cola Sign is what I ended up making.

I picked up my board from The Wood Connection and painted it white. Then, using my Silhouette Portrait, I cut the logo out of vinyl. I did the reverse vinyl technique so I could paint the letters. Once I had it all painted, I distressed the entire board by sanding the top of it.

Our friends were really excited about the gift. The best part was this probably only took about an hour to make.


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